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Josef Cunningham

The Josef Cunningham Scholarship is a small way for SEALK12 to honor the memory of Josef Cunningham, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 17. Josef was a young man with autism who was happy, smiling and brought joy to everyone who knew him. He loved laughing, pranks, and anything to do with water. To celebrate Josef’s month of birth, every June, SEALK12 will award a scholarship to a family, to help cover the cost of a needed disability-related support item or service.

The Josef Cunningham Scholarship

Scholarship Eligibility:
• Must have a documented disability diagnosis
• Age of applicant must be 30 years or younger
• Must reside in Washington State


​Scholarship Possibilities:
• Therapeutic Equipment, swings, weighted blankets
• Safety Equipment, personal & home safety
• Camps, summer, social, specialty
• Services, swim, music, horse riding lessons

To apply, please complete the Josef Cunningham Scholarship Application and submit to SEALK12 before May 1st.

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