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About Us

Special Education Advocates League, SEALK12 was developed by Helen Caldart to share her knowledge with others as we all work together in order to support our students.


​Helen has been a Special Education Advocate for many years, volunteering her time by working with families, school districts, and the community. She absolutely loves what she does. Helen is knowledgeable, caring, extremely organized,  and dependable.  She is candid, has a unique understanding of people, and is an exceptional communicator who is both supportive and realistic.


Special education advocacy can be an extremely volatile process at times and is often emotionally charged and highly stressful. Helen brings a level of calm to the process that is absolutely remarkable. She has also been a lifeline for families in crisis who had no one else to turn to.

What We Do

SEALK12 supports parents, school district employees and community partners through workshops, webinars, educational bulletins and more. 

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Our Mission

The Special Education Advocates League, SEALK12 believes the student is the center of any discussion.  We are a team of professional volunteers.  Our goal is to support, educate, and collaborate for the student to receive individualized Special Education Services and Related Services, preparing them for further education, employment and independent living.

Our Vision

It is our goal to invest in the special education community and collaborate while making team driven decisions. Together we can create an equitable and inclusive environment for all. ​​


SEAL has empowered me, as a parent of two special needs children, with knowledge about my children’s educational rights, a variety of resources and tools to help me be a better parent, and most importantly the support that I need to become the best advocate for my children!

SEAL has helped my children multiple times. It’s also given me the knowledge to be able to speak up for my children at IEP meetings. I’m so grateful for these amazing advocates!

I am so grateful for Helen. When I started having trouble at my daughter’s school, I had no idea who to turn to or what my rights were. Helen helped me understand how to effectively advocate. She attended school meetings, helped get my daughter what she needed to be successful and created a variety of free educational webinars and documents so that I always had the answers I needed. She never charged fro helping our family even though she spent many hours doing so. The world needs more people who like Helen, care about students receiving special education supports.

My daughter’s first year of school was hopeless and traumatic. I was ready to give up and pull her out completely. I met Jennifer who put me in contact with Helen, now my daughter has an amazing team. SEALs have gone above and beyond to help my daughter get all services and help she needs. Along with information and resources that are very helpful. We are truly blessed and thankful for them. Helen is amazing! Her experience, skills, and love for children is just out of this world. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do.

Navigating special education can be such a lonely and confusing journey for parents. SEAL doesn’t pave the path for you but does hike alongside you and helps you chart the right course for your child.

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