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An overview for the upcoming school year of Educational Strategies for parents, guardians, students, educational teams and community service providers.
  • All students are General Education students and all students have the same protections. Special Education students have additional protections.
  • A student is to remain at school in their educational environment. Instead of limiting or reducing the time a student is at school, the question to ask is what new or additional services, or support, does the student need?
  • On or before a student’s 7th unexcused absence, the district shall administer a screener/assessment, provide data-based interventions, and convene the IEP team for students with an IEP or 504 plan.
  • If a student is spending time in a hallway, office, virtual waiting room, etc., they are being excluded from their learning environment.
  • Any person who has knowledge about a student, i.e., parent, guardian, school staff or any person knowledgeable about the student, may make a request for a student to be evaluated to determine if they are eligible for Special Education Services, or additional Special Education Services. This would include an Initial Evaluation, a Reevaluation or Additional Evaluations.
  • A student will have all the additional protections for special education students if the school district had knowledge that the student had a disability, or suspected disability, before the behavior that results in a school discipline action.
  • A student should only stay home if they are truly sick. If the student complains of a stomachache or headache, it can be a sign of something else, i.e., anxiety, fear, etc. and needs to be addressed to support the student’s education.
  • Supporting a student does not happen with just a student’s academics. The whole child is be supported at school. This includes mental, physical, academic, social health, and community needs.
  • If a student is unable to access their education, the school district needs to put services and supports in place in order for the student to do so. This is not limited to academics.
  • A Safety Plan can be put into place for any student.
  • Any student exhibiting a behavior, can have a Behavior Plan put into place to support them.

Do You Know?

  • Who do parents or providers contact with concerns about a student?
  • How do parents or providers know who to contact with concerns about a student?
Please contact Helen Caldart at or call and leave a message at 253-312-2760 with any questions. Thank you. 
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